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(revised from An After Lunch Swing by Art Harvey)
Author: Pat Kelm 2006; Alternate Duple - Double Progression
Music: Blue Spanish Eyes

A1 (8) Gypsy your Neighbor/Corner
(8) Ooze into a Swing (put her on your right)
A2 (8) Star Left with couple across (go to new corner)

(8) Turn half by the Right, Men turn half by the Left

B1 (8) Gypsy your Partner (8) Ooze into a Swing

B2 (8) Right and Left Thru

(8) Circle Left 3/4, and Pass Thru 


Author: Pat Kelm 2010; Proper Triplet
Music: Des Oignons/ Reel des Jeunes Maries/ Reel de Montreal - track 12 on Faster than a Walk

A1 (8) Lines Forward and Back
(8) Cpl #1 Cross Over, Down around behind #2 & into middle
A2 (8) Cpl #1 and #2 make a Right Hand Star
(8) Cpl #1 and #3 make a Left Hand Star
B1 (8) #1 Lady "flirt" with partner, continue on out & loop around to foot while her partner follows her
(8) Same Couple Swing at the Foot
B2 (16) All join hands, Circle Left full around
( The idea for this came from observing gents in square dancing sometimes turning to follow his partner during weave the ring and then suprising her from behind at the end for a swing.)


By Pat Kelm, February 2014

Formation: Alternate Duple
Music: Old Joe Clark, Blue Star 1994-B

(Facing corner/nabor)

- - - -; With your corner Balance;

Star Thru - -; Pass Thru, California Twirl;

- - - -; Lines go Forward and Back;

- - - -; Pass Thru, California Twirl;

- - - -; With those across Circle Left;

- - - -; - - Circle Right;

- - - -; - Slow Square Thru;

- - - -; - - - -;

- - - -; - with new corner Balance



Author: Pat Kelm

Formation: Alternate Duple

Music: CD-Contra Music, the Sound of New England. Track #9 O'Donal Abhu/Rocks of Brae/Meeting of the Waters from New England Chestnuts Vol. 2 - Rodney Miller, Randy Miller & Friends. Or New Waterloo Reel.

Starting with a wave of 4 (women with left hands joined)

A1 Balance R & L, Slide R nose to nose

Balance L & R, Slide L nose to nose

A2 Turn half by R, Men turn half by L (Swing Thru)

Swing Partner

B1 R & L Thru across

Circle L 3/4

B2 Face Nabor & Dosado

Pass Thru & step to wave



Author: Pat Kelm - 2011
Formation: Improper Duple
Music: Up Jumped the Devil on LS 200
A1 With the couple below Circle Left;

Balance Neighbor & Star Thru
A2 Circle Left 3/4; Swing Partner

B1 Long lines go Forward & Back; Ladies Chain across
B2 Flutterwheel & Sweep 1/4*; Pass Thru, Balance the Ring
*Note - Flutterwheel should be done with the girls using forearms, not handholds, to get a tighter turning circle.


Author: Pat Kelm 2002

Formation: Improper Duple
Music: Three Little Fishes, Chicago Country 55B
A1 Face your corner Dosado; Same one Swing
A2 Ladies Chain;
Send her back Dixie Style, make your wave & Balance
B1 & March (4 rows - boys on inside, girls outside lines);
Turn around, go back
B2 Swing Thru Double;
Boys Run, Bend Line, Star Thru, Pass Thru
(Everyone's Active - only have to worry about doing an automatic crossover at the head and foot as needed. It's a quick mover and should be used with the above music.)